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CDS company innovates solutions that cover the service life cycle from the stage of creativity and design to the stage of support and implementation. Through secure electronic windows.

Why Choose CDS ?

CDS Company Ltd. seeks to computerize public and private systems in its quest to achieve the general strategy of the state to reach an e-government, and the core of our work is based on creating advanced solutions that will transform public sector services into innovative services of high quality.. In order to facilitate the delivery of services, and provide time, and keeping individuals and institutions in contact with public service facilities by developing methods of providing services, whether directly or through mobile devices and smart phones, and contributing to the creation of a modern lifestyle. And professionalism, Kushait also has pioneering experiences in the field of information technology and we apply international best practices through a team of specialists in evaluating actual needs and finding innovative solutions to help government sectors achieve their goals.

Government Systems

In CDS, with the help of government sectors, we transfer their services provided by the traditional method to electronic ones in order to harmonize with the requirements of their customers, to become services that are characterized by the quality of service, speed of implementation, keeping pace with the times and in line with the general trend towards switching to electronic services, in addition to that we develop solutions for our customers starting from the design and systems engineering stage. Technology, through the implementation and construction phase, and ending with operation, maintenance and development.

Production And Diagnostics

CDS Company has been able to provide the best in technology printing, laser engraving, advanced methods, cutting, gluing and stacking devices, and safe methods for storage and transportation. It provides all of this in one building, which is the factory of papers and identification and immigration documents, which was established in an area of more than 22 thousand square meters. The factory is considered the pride of the Sudanese industry As it made Sudan a pioneer in the field of identity and immigration papers industry in Africa.

Electronic Payment Systems

It saves time and effort for both the client and the beneficiary. ... There are many electronic payment methods, so the customer can choose any method that suits him. Giving the customer the freedom to buy. Facilitating the commercial client for the beneficiaries. With ease, the beneficiary or the service owner can deal with more than one party at the same time.

About us

The company was established in the year 2003 AD under the name of Kush Technology for Information to make its way among technology companies in Sudan with the purpose of developing the use of technologies at the level of the Sudanese Ministry of Interior and to serve the local and regional market, and three years after the establishment of the company, the name of the company was changed from Kosh Company Information Technology to become the kushite Integrated, and in 2023 the name has been changed to CDS-CO-Ltd according to the requirements of the stage and the increase in the company's shares. And CDS Company Ltd. has a branch in the United Arab Emirates and has a number of agencies from giant international companies in the field of electronic technologies.

Systems Development

Design and development of custom applications; Securing documents and identity systems; client server applications; Hospital management solutions; video capture and image processing solutions; ERP solutions; Kaspersky Antivirus (desktop or client server architecture with as many licenses as needed). Presence on the Internet. Conceptualization services.


Consulting services in general, requirements to collect and prepare Request for Proposals [RFP documents], project management, transition and adoption of new technologies, hardware and network applications.

Equipments Supply

Networking equipment and devices, servers, desktop computers and laptops, accessories and general electronic devices.

Our Services

CDS Company Ltd. seeks to computerize public and private systems in its quest to achieve the general strategy of the state in order to reach an e-government by providing services

Software Development

We offer innovative solutions.. We transform the provision of services from traditional methods to smart methods with the highest quality standards

Production And Diagnostics

The factory contributes to electronic projects such as: the civil registry system, the electronic passport system, the traffic system, health insurance systems and identity insurance.

Network Installation

CDS offers the best communications network solutions, which rely on high quality and keep pace with development in this field.

Consulting Services

CDS company provides technical advisory services through qualified technical staff at the highest level


CDS Co. Ltd. has a highly-equipped training center

Equipment And Tools

CDS imports all kinds of technical devices and equipment with the latest technology.

Our Mission

The strategy development phase included the preparation of analytical studies according to scientific and practical methods and in accordance with the general framework set by the Sudanese Ministry of Interior regarding the development of strategies for government institutions. This stage took into account the most prominent challenges and lessons learned from the first phase of the company's life, and made comparisons with the best international practices in a group of countries that are world leaders in ID card and civil registry projects, in order to define the general objectives of the strategy, and put forward projects and initiatives that enable the company to achieve All strategic objectives with a focus on results and outputs.

Our Plan

CDS Company Ltd. seeks to computerize public and private systems in its quest to achieve the general strategy of the state in order to reach an e-government by providing services such as:
■ Self-development of government systems and programming.
■ Employment and use of open source software systems.
■ Application and use of modern technologies in government procedures.

Our Vision

To be the first and leading company in the field of information technology in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Care

■ Commitment to the highest international quality standards and measures.
■ Keeping abreast of the latest international technologies and resettling them in Sudan and Africa.
■ Extreme accuracy in planning, designing and implementing technical projects.
■ Raising the status of scientific research and studies and applying them on the ground.
■ Speed and strict adherence to specifications in the implementation of technical projects.


We believe that we have successfully reached the stage of self-confidence and that our pride depends on highly qualified staff and on the trust given to us by customers, and above all, you find a high team spirit that looks forward to achieving the same goals and dreams in our company whether the partners are managers, engineers or employees Financial, administrative, technician and staff, we all work to build a strong, peaceful and prosperous future

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